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The Game

On it's way to a surprise visit to his girlfriend, fate turned diib´s voyage into a great odyssey.

During his trip he faced a huge asteroid storm, completely damaging ship. It is now only capable of little jumps through space.

But who said it will be a problem to our mini-hero?

Help diib collect the crates that were lost in several planets so he can fix his ship and visit his lovely girlfriend.

With a novel playability, learn to fly through space on 40 beautiful levels, taking advantage of your great ally, the gravity of the several kinds of planets.

Also check the Infinity Mode. An infinity amount of fun after you finish the game.

Amazing features on a unique game!

Help our little diib through the boldness of space on it's way to his girlfriend home and heart.

So, Ready to embark on this wonderful odyssey?



How to Play

Diib's odyssey brings a new and challenging gameplay for you to help the diib's ship to jump and fly through the universe.

A little step-by-step